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Our commitment to providing a bespoke service and maximising the effectiveness of the teaching we offer means that each placement is treated as an entirely new project. We do not believe that what worked for one student will necessarily work for another and we understand that the tuition we provide will be shaped as much by each student’s response to lessons and relationship with the tutor, as it is by the details of their academic goals. As such, ‘tuition’ is not a single concept, but rather an umbrella term covering a whole range of distinct offerings. As a general rule however, our tuition services fall into one of the following categories: exam preparation, subject-specific tuition, term-time support, or English as a Foreign Language. All tuition can be delivered online, which you can read more about here.


The tuition we offer to prepare students for examinations encompasses:


  • All entrance exams - from 7+ entry into prep schools, through to 16+ entry into sixth forms, and in particular the main senior school entry points of 11+ and 13+ including Common Entrance.

  • Specific standardised tests such as UKISET.

  • Public examinations, including GCSE, iGCSE, A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate.

  • English language tests for non-native speakers, particularly IELTS.

  • Specific examinations for entry into UK and US universities, including ACT, SAT, BMAT and UKCAT.

  • Professional examinations, such as the GDL and LPC for law students.


Subject specific tuition is offered to students seeking to improve their performance in a subject they find particularly challenging, or to those who wish to go beyond what they are being taught at school or university and require support and guidance in order to do so. We have seen students completely reshape their relationship with a subject they dreaded, and others take advantage of their natural affinity for a subject to explore it unhindered by syllabus limitations or examination requirements.


Term-time support is usually requested by students or parents of students who are satisfied with their current institution, but feel there is a need for ongoing support to ensure continued success, or to prepare for a transition further down the line. 


English as a Foreign Language (EFL) is targeted English language tuition for students where English is a second or other language. EFL tuition can be beneficial to students of all ages and many of our tutees are adult professionals seeking specific training in business or legal English or similarly specific domains. We have a number of tutors on our team with a background in EFL who hold TEFL, CELTA or similar qualifications and have extensive experience working with non-native English speakers.

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