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Residential placements for face-to-face tuition can be organised for students living outside our key bases or those who wish to be accompanied by one or more tutors during a vacation. It is also possible to organise long-term residential placements, in which the tutor relocates to be able to work with the student for a prolonged period. 


Term break placements provide an ideal opportunity for intensive, targeted tuition, over the course of one or two weeks during a school vacation.


- Christmas holiday period in the run up to school entrance examinations (often held in January)

- Easter break prior to public examinations in the early summer


Summer placements are particularly useful for students preparing for a major transition at the start of the next academic year, or whose end of year examination results have revealed issues that need to be addressed before they return to school. As the summer break is longer, there is ample opportunity for a study placement to be scheduled to fit around holiday plans, or the tutor(s) may accompany the family on their travels if preferred.


- Long-term placements are recommended for students currently studying abroad who require additional support outside school to prepare for transitioning to the UK or US education systems, or for those who need to prepare for upcoming entrance examinations. In these cases, the tutor(s) travel to where the student is based and a study plan is devised, taking into consideration everyday commitments both at school and at home.

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