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Online tuition is sometimes viewed as an inferior alternative to face-to-face tuition at home, but with the development of new technology and changes in the way tuition can be delivered online, we are witnessing a surge in the popularity of online lessons. One of the major advantages of online tuition is the remarkable degree of flexibility it offers. Removing the need for the tutor and student to be in one place means that there is no travel involved and crucially, that the tutor and student need not even live in the same country. A specialist tutor in the USA can log-on in the morning to work with a student in Moscow who has just come home from school, or a student in China can be online at the same time as a tutor based in Western Australia without even having to consider different time zones.


At Locksley Education, we have embraced the immense flexibility of online tuition and have created an easily accessible system that allows us to deliver the same high quality tuition we already provide in person. Tutors and students alike have found that working online is both engaging and enjoyable, with many citing the lack of distractions normally found in a classroom setting as a reason for increased productivity in online sessions. We expect online tuition to become even more popular over time and pride ourselves for being at the forefront of e-learning developments.

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