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We are often approached by learners with specific requirements that do not fall under the umbrella of standard tuition or applications. These may be representatives of a larger group of students seeking a bespoke group learning course or international companies seeking English language training for a number of their staff. In these cases, we develop bespoke learning courses, tailored to the client’s demands and specific requirements.


Selective Summer Programmes can be organised for one or more students looking for intensive preparation over the summer period. These programs are hosted in the UK and consist of a structured teaching timetable alongside social events and cultural experiences for participants to experience life in the UK outside the classroom. 


English for Professionals is a service aimed at those working in the corporate world who already have a reasonable command of conversational English, but are seeking to improve the understanding and active use of the formal English used in a business, legal, or other comparable setting. These courses are typically provided online and are therefore accessible to learners around the globe, allowing them to access qualified native English speakers from the UK and the USA. 


Programming & Computer Science is a newer offering that we have developed to cater to a changing world, in which even a basic understanding of computing and programming is fast becoming a requisite skill in a number of fields. This is an online course aimed at students of all ages, with a focus on the following areas:


  • The Basic Infrastructure of Coding: Propositional logic and Boolean evaluation

  • Mathematics in Computing: Vector and Matrix

  • How Computers Work: Operating Systems and Data Storage

  • Programming Languages, Syntax and Essential Coding Skills

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