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Founded in 2010, Locksley Education is an international educational organisation with a clear aim: to create pathways in order to provide students with the skills and confidence they need to develop and succeed academically.


We offer a range of services worldwide, including tailored private tuition, both online and in person, school and university placements, bespoke individual learning courses and clear reliable advice about all aspects of education for parents and students.


Our experience working with students from outside the UK and US has given us a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by international students, particularly when studying in a second language and when adapting to a new and unfamiliar system. This experience, combined with our data-driven analytical approach, allows us to deliver a first class service worldwide.


Locksley Education takes a very particular approach to private education, using tried and tested methods developed over the many years working in this field. All of our students, whatever their goals, receive individually tailored tuition based on our three-stage philosophy of Strategy, Preparation and Support. Prospective students are thoroughly assessed before commencing tuition and a bespoke study plan is drawn up. Each student’s progress is closely and carefully monitored throughout the learning process, and once specific goals have been achieved, all students are offered ongoing support to ensure their academic success continues.


Our founders have amassed thousands of hours of teaching experience and this ensures we have a full understanding of who will make a good tutor before hiring, clear ideas of how tuition should be delivered, and an up-to-date insight into changes and developments within the world of education.

All our tutors are highly qualified graduates from top UK and US universities with relevant experience and a track record of success.




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